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07.Palna Toki

Palna Toki is made from 100% Apple Juice with a precise yet proprietary blend of Wegman's juice, brown sugar, molasses, and clover honey. This dry hard cider reminiscent of Strong Bow was fermented on top of the yeast cake from Buried Alive. Palna Toki takes its name in honor of the legendary Danish hero Toki the Archer and chieftain of Fyn. Palna Toki was forced by King Harald to shoot an apple with an arrow from the head of his own son's head while the boy was running downhill. Palna Toki was later involved in instigating King Harald's son to wage war on the war between son and father and is credited with Harald's death.

Brewed on 12 May 2011, Initial Gravity: 1.052
Bottled on 7 June 2011: Final Gravity: 0.97
Approx ABV 9.5%
Brewers: Jeff, William

Brewed on entire yeast slurry from Buried Alive.  This provided so much yeast that there was no strain on the yeast to reproduce and create fruity esters.  Palna Toki ended up a dry cider.

(Image from Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palnatoki )