Immort Ale


OG=1105 FG=1019 IBU=60

Partial Mash/Steeping

7 lb. pale malt
3 lb. biscuit malt
1 lb. medium (50L) crystal malt
8 oz. malted wheat
4 oz. roasted barley
4 oz. peat-smoked malt

Heat 3 3/4 gallons water to 164F
Steep at 152F for 90 min
Sparge with 4 1/2 gallons water at 168F

Add 4 lb. amber DME to runnings

Bring to Boil

10 AAUs Northern Brewer hops (90 min)
6 AAUs Centennial hops (30 min)

Cool, then top up to 5 1/4 gallons with chilled, preboiled water

Scottish ale yeast (Wyeast 1728 or equivalent)

Ferment @ 68F for 4 weeks and then transfer to secondary fermenter and condition cool (50-55F) for 6-8 weeks. 

Prime with 1 cup maple syrup.